Chickens and eggs
So, what comes first? Content or concept?


The problem is that effective design solutions require content that's current and relevant. But it's difficult for clients to imagine how content might be presented, without seeing the context or design.

Chicken or egg? Is it right that content should be developed and the visuals created to match? Or should it be the other way round?

In reality, there is no distinction or divide. The relationship between content and design is not sequential, but interdependant.

So how to unblock the logjam?

If your designer edits, develops and writes content as part of the overall creative process, the most helpful client is one that can provide material from a content 'hub' – including current data, news, interviews, testimonials, images that can act as one of the building blocks of the design process.

Aha you say, that’s all very well if we had such a thing as a content hub.

Is it time to build one?

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