Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Rebranding and visual communications strategy

The FCO’s international conference organisation, Wilton Park identified the need to rationalise the way they communicated with both their internal and external audiences.

An initial audit reviewed all Wilton Park's internal communications channels, content creation systems and promotional and conference material. We identified ways in which both the expression of the brand and the methods through which visual communications were delivered could be improved to deliver a consistent, streamlined and more economically viable solution.

We worked in collaboration with the senior management team to contemporise Wilton Park's mark and house style, create templates for their internal and external content generation and promotional systems to deliver a solution that functions across all platforms and media.

Day1's services have facilitated improvements in visual standards and cost savings across all our internal and external communications practice. Our work helps the agency and its services to connect more effectively with its international, governmental, diplomatic, military, NGO, academic and industry audiences.

Mark Bellone
Operations Director

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